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Brendan Mathis – Alleged Escort Attacker

by on Feb.01, 2014, under Discussion Forum

Brendan Mathis Brendan Mathis   Alleged Escort AttackerMan Pleads Not Guilty to Attacking Escorts

Suspect Brendan Mathis pleaded not guilty to attacking two women, bringing a taser and hatchet while answering an online escort ad. NBC 7′s Artie Ojeda reports on Mathis’ arraignment Friday. San Diego police detectives told 10News that a woman attacked in her Mission Valley apartment Wednesday by a man with a Taser is a paid escort and the suspect is linked to the assault of another high-end escort earlier this month.

Brendan Mathis, 31, is accused of committing the crime of assault with a Taser, along with a host of other charges, including kidnapping to commit rape, false imprisonment and torture.

“He had engaged the services of an escort, and in so doing he tied her up and began to assault her,” SDPD Sex Crimes Unit Lt. Chuck Kaye told 10News.

Kaye said Mathis tied up his victim, used the Taser on her and began to sexually assault her, but she was able to get away.

“During the assault, she became free, she was able to work herself free, she jumped out of a second-story window,” Kaye added.

Unscathed from the jump, she ran for help as Mathis chased her. However, Mathis didn’t get far. “Eastern Division was called, they responded immediately, got her to a safe place, and (took) Mr. Mathis into custody,” according to Kaye.

In a blue duffel bag near where Mathis was arrested, police found the Taser, a hatchet and other items they would not disclose when asked by 10News.

Kaye said Mathis is also being linked to another similar attack that happened on Jan. 10. In that incident, another high-end escort was contacted for her services in the Mid-City area and was attacked in a similar way, police said. Police indicated she too was tied up, stunned with a Taser and sexually assaulted.

“Another escort was assaulted by Mr. Mathis and that’s what we are investigating, both of the crimes being committed by one person,” Kaye said. SDPD Sex Crimes detectives are currently looking to see if there are other escorts or prostitutes out there that may have been victimized. Kaye added, “I can’t remember another case quite like this. ”

“He bound her hands and feet and said that he had an axe and he was going to kill her, and that she should just go along and cooperate,” Barrett explained. “He told her not to scream.” 

Barrett alleged that Mathis then proceeded to blindfold his victim. At one point he allegedly flicked the burning amber from a cigarette at the woman’s private parts.
After that, Barrett said the woman was subjected to a “four or five-hour-long” torture session that included repeated, forced oral copulation so violent that Barrett said the victim suffered injuries. The prosecutor said the alleged attacker would take short breaks between the forced oral sex acts. 

He then allegedly raped the woman.


Link to NBC San Diego Full Story with details
Links to San Diego’s 10 News
Link to KNSD Video of arrest

Editor’s Note: Here is the info we found on Brendan:

Brendan Mathis
Cell: 858-717-2423

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Exposing Johns – An Offshore Extortion

by on Aug.26, 2013, under Discussion Forum

125x250 1 Exposing Johns   An Offshore Extortion

Click The

Banner to

See More

FTV Girls!!

125x250 2 Exposing Johns   An Offshore Extortion

Exposing Johns Header 300x68 Exposing Johns   An Offshore Extortion

ExposingJohns.com – Extortion from India

The Internet can be a scary place. ExposingJohns.com is listing cell numbers and sometimes names stating these are “johns”. We’ve seen listings with the real info for the cell, name and address on this site!

This happened to one of our friends. He was up for a promotion in his company, a well deserved and hard earned promotion. Someone in HR did a Google search on his phone number and it turned up on this list. Instead of getting the promotion, he got the door. How messed up is that?

Some dirt bag over in India is posting this information and there is no way to take the info down. Wait, there IS a way!! On the website you can PAY to have them take it down. For a small fee of $195.97 the profile will be removed.

Exposing Johns 284x300 Exposing Johns   An Offshore Extortion

This sounds a little like extortion since there is no proof the name and cell number are linked to any activity. In simple terms, it’s black mail. Want to know who owns “ExposingJohns”?

Registrant :
Organization: Net4India
Address: D-25,Sec-3
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Postal Code: 201301
Country: IN
Phone: +91.1204323500
Fax: +91.120432350
Email: email@net4.in

One of our good friends has already lost a career because of this site.


(PhxGND Staff Note: This was contributed to us. If you have a contribution, please email them to: Contributing Stories
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Be Safe, Play Safe

by on Apr.18, 2013, under Discussion Forum

This came to us from California but applies to our area as well. Just passing information along for our safety.

Hey, found this in a discussion thread. It probably applies to almost everyone in the Southwest area so please post it on your site. I did some Google searches and found that there have been outbreaks from San Diego up the coast to San Francisco.

“Officials in West Hollywood are warning about the very dangerous & very contagious “meningococcal infection, a bacteria-caused illness that can lead to potentially deadly meningitis.”

Editor: Our contributor also said that this infection can be spread through saliva, which we have confirmed. You all know the menu items where this is can happen, so please be safe. We recommend you click here to see the Google search results and read for yourself. This is not a full blown outbreak and let’s keep it that way!


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#freeandopen – If you agree…

by on Dec.03, 2012, under Discussion Forum

A closed-door meeting of the world’s governments is starting today. The future of the internet is on the agenda. Some governments want to use this meeting of the International Telecommunication Union to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.

I am concerned, and I am not alone. More than 1,000 organizations from 163 countries have raised concerns about this upcoming closed-door meeting in Dubai. They are joined by hundreds of thousands of Internet users who are standing up for a free and open Internet. These people are in just about every country around the world — take a look.

If you agree and support a free and open Internet, join them and raise your voice:google.com/takeaction

Together, we can protect the free and open Internet. Please make your voice heard and spread the word.

Vint Cerf

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Economic Downturn Affects Everyone – Your $$$ Count

by on Sep.11, 2012, under Discussion Forum


The news agencies have crowned this period in history as being the worst ever encountered in our nation’s brief history. Escort Agencies around the valley normally see an upturn in their business when times get hard. People out of work don’t want to be reminded of their misfortunes so they turn to the vices our society has to offer; alcohol, sex, gambling and more sex but not with your wife.

Over the past few months this staff has noticed a decided turnaround in how Escort Agencies handle their girls. Escorts rarely were allowed to advertise on their own or even be posted on another agencies website. They were forbidden from posting ads on any of the popular adult directory list sites like Craigslist, Phoenix BackPage or Cityvibe’s Erotic Services. That has changed.

i support single moms Economic Downturn Affects Everyone   Your $$$ CountAgencies are no longer setting the rules for providers or controlling rates. They can’t! The business volume simply isn’t there anymore and their board room antics are gone forever. Now, providers are openly working for one agency, possibly two, and then putting up their own marketing on the Internet.

Yes, the agency owners still want control but they are realizing that these women must make a living… and their business isn’t getting the call volume of a year ago. The owners that are more progressive are actively working with the ladies to help them get a decent income but still make a small profit for their business. Remember, this is a business and business is driven by supply, demand, location and location.

While we do not condone illegal activities nor encourage you to participate in any illegal arrangements, we do want to point out that as a consumer… your dollars now speak very loudly! We do encourage you to be a wise consumer and shop wisely. You are now in control of the market and can start the trend for setting how much you spend.

As a rule, former agency girls are not rip-offs and provide quality companionship for your dinner-date. Don’t pay the high price and they will soon lower rates because they want to eat and pay bills. Negotiate and let them know there ARE companions that are providing economic stimulus by lowering their rates. It’s a trend you can help perpetuate!

Enjoy Life – Support Single Mothers

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